We are an organization reaching out to help others. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated. We help children, elderly, families and homeless. We thank you in advance for doing what God tells you to do. Sharing means caring. Please mail donations to P.O. Box 722, Powder Springs, Ga. 30127 or bring to 4263 Austell-Powder Springs Road, Powder Springs, Georgia 30127. May God Bless.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March 2012 @PSCOG

What a spectacular month! Our church family is one tight and loving group. From the youngest to the oldest, 80+ I might add, gets involved in all classes and worship. And may I add, everyone here must be an Iron Chef! At this month's fellowship dinner, not only was there enough to feed an army, every taste bud on the house was undergoing a religious experience. There was so much left over that Sis Kelly and myself delivered 6 plates to those that couldn't make it due to sickness.
Our monthly visit to Bethel Gardens was an awesome treat as usual. The second Saturday in every month, we are blessed to share a service with the residents from 10 -11am. This is truly a hilight for those that attend. As we begin to sing, the beautiful ladies and gentlemen make their way to the center living room. On brave days, we even ask for requests. But let me warn you, you may be surfing the net for the lyrics to songs from the past. Presenting the Gospel to those as hungry and eager to hear it as they always are is not only an honor, but fun and exciting as well. We used to wonder who received the bigger blessing, us or them, but I will speak for the church and say us. Either way, to God be the Glory!
Next month is Easter and we have been as busy as beavers preparing for the Celebration. Starting out the month with Palm Sunday falling on April 1st. Then.......EASTER Service! We look forward to having any and every one that doesn't have a home church, or who may be in town for the holiday away from there church family. I have designed a new logo for our church and Sis Kelly has set u a nice gift to all who attend the Easter morning service. Keep reading and keep praying for us. We look forward to growing and becoming the communities most influential church..... not for our glory, but for God's and His Kingdom.
God Bless
Pastor Jeff

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Project Back to School

Project Back to School is a community wide project to help needy children gather the much needed school supplies that the parents cannot afford for them. Each child's supply costs to go back to public school can range from $25.00 to $100.00 or more. I know that may not sound like a lot to most folks, but if you have three to five kids that can be the grocery bill for the month. So, the Powder Springs Church of God is trying to partner with others in the area to help give the needy children some much needed help. We hope we can help by making a small difference. The community will be able to drop off school supplies on Sundays from 10-12 during the month of July or give a tax free monetary donation to provide means to purchase the supplies. By everyone working together and helping others the community becomes a better place to live. The church is looking for a big turnout this year. Business' can get involved too. God bless and thank you in advance for your help. Address at the top of page.

4th of July Celebration- Sweet Land of Liberty

The 4th of July celebration and cookout was awesome! The service was titled "Sweet Land of Liberty." We are blessed to live in the land of liberty. Liberty meaning: quality or state of being free. Through Christ, we too can be free. God has blessed us by letting His son die for our sins, so that we might be free from sin. Therefore, we can have life ever after in heaven. Thank God for our freedom. The ultimate freedom.

After the worship service, the church gave five "FREE" gifts away. Thanks to all the ones that attended "Freely" on the fourth of July. Also, when the word Independence was heard the people waved their flags. A great day of fun! God is fun... and a lot of happiness. Come join us on our next celebration.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Official Retirement and Installation Day July 27, 2010

The Powder Springs Church of God has officially retired Pastor Carson and Sue Brown of 33 faithful years and instated Pastor Jeff and Kelly Vaughn as the new pastors. Bishop Greg and Jan Baird came for the official ceremony from the Church of God State Executive Office to honor Pastor Carson and Sue Brown. During the service, the officials gave recognition to the great quality leadership Bro. and Sis. Brown have exceeded for the work of the Lord all these past years. Sister Jan Baird read the statistics gathered of Bro. and Sis. Brown's ministry through the reports that are filed monthly. Thousands of lives were changed and saved through their ministry and hundreds were sanctified and filled with the Holy Spirit and water baptized through God using Bro. and Sis. Brown. Executive Bishop Dr.& Mrs. Walker, Bishop Steve and Barbara Brown and Bishop Greg and Jan Baird, which are the state officials of the Church of God of North Georgia, gave Bro. and Sis. Brown a beautiful engraved mounted clock for their years of commitment to the Church of God.

Following a beautiful song by Jan Baird, Bishop Baird preached a purposeful, much needed message on "Hold onto the Rope: Never give up on your church, you are needed for the pastor to implement God's will, he can't succeed alone." After the sermon, a real rope was brought out to symbolize the unity needed for a church to grow and survive. Bishop Greg Baird asked retiring pastor, Carson and Sue to hold the end of the rope on his left side and the new pastor, Jeff and Kelly Vaughn to hold the rope end to the right of him. Then, he asked the teens and children to come in the center and grab hold. Then, he asked the men of PSCOG to hold on next to the new pastor and the women of the church to grab hold near Bro. and Sis. Brown. A prayer for the retiring pastor's health and prosperity for his retirement years was prayed and a blessing of "clear vision" for the new pastor. Unity was felt all around the worship area as God poured His fresh anointing around the Powder Springs Church of God. God's grace washed away any confusion of the past and prepared the church for an outpouring of His spirit and blessing to all who attend PSCOG. God is good. Pastor Jeff and Kelly are excited about what God is going to do for His people of PSCOG. Feel free to visit. The new pastor and church family look forward to new growth and the moving of God's spirit.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Service

This past Sunday was an exciting day for the fathers at Powder Springs COG. A brief look back at "Famous TV Fathers" of the past, revealed that some of the members watched a little more television than they wanted to admit. At the end of the service, a drawing was held for four $30.00 VIP TEXAS Roadhouse gift certificates from the Hiram location. The fathers that won were so excited about their "manly" gift; it sure beat the notorious necktie. After all, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Can't wait to see what the July 4th service has in store. Join us.

Donuts with Dad

"Donuts with Dad" was hosted by the girls clubs of Powder Springs Church of God for all the fathers in the community. All were invited Sunday, February 20th at 10am for donuts, juice, milk and coffee. It was a time set aside to promote bonding between a dad and his children. The fellowship hall was decorated with straw hats that had cards for the children to draw out and have their dad read a question and answer about them. Example:"Dad,what did you think the first time you saw me?" and "Dad, what is my favorite color?" This way dad and children had a little time to get to know each other a lot better. At PSCOG, we stand for family values and parents being parents and on this occasion, dad's being dads. Thanks to all the dads that came out. "Anyone can be a dad out of chance, but a man is a dad because he chooses to be one." We salute you dads.

Retirement Service

Sunday- June 13th was the full retirement service for Pastor Carson and Sue Brown. They had been the pastor for 33 faithful years. The church was able to share their appreciation for them through a special service held by the new Pastor Jeff and Kelly Vaughn. On June 27th the state officials will come out and officially retire pastor Carson and Sue Brown and set forth Pastor Jeff and Kelly Vaughn. Pastor Carson and Sue will be moving to Wedowee, Alabama for their retirement years and look forward to spending time on the farm and at the lake. The new pastor, Jeff and Kelly Vaughn are excited about what God can do with the Powder Springs Church of God with the help from good members and a great community. They have been filling in for Pastor Carson and Sue for approximately a year, due to health complications of Pastor Carson. But, now that they are the pastors in charge they are ready to march forward to rebuilding and growing the church. They have always been involved in children and youth ministries and both are on the boys and girls clubs boards for the Church of God in North Georgia. They are actively involved with all missions, including world, community, and states. Jeff and Kelly love to help others and enjoy being with people of all ages. They look forward to getting to know the people of the community and want to be actively involved with the schools and businesses. Kelly graduated from McEachern High School and was raised in the community and is glad to be back at home. We at Powder Springs Church of God are rooting for our new pastor. May God truly bless your efforts.