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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March 2012 @PSCOG

What a spectacular month! Our church family is one tight and loving group. From the youngest to the oldest, 80+ I might add, gets involved in all classes and worship. And may I add, everyone here must be an Iron Chef! At this month's fellowship dinner, not only was there enough to feed an army, every taste bud on the house was undergoing a religious experience. There was so much left over that Sis Kelly and myself delivered 6 plates to those that couldn't make it due to sickness.
Our monthly visit to Bethel Gardens was an awesome treat as usual. The second Saturday in every month, we are blessed to share a service with the residents from 10 -11am. This is truly a hilight for those that attend. As we begin to sing, the beautiful ladies and gentlemen make their way to the center living room. On brave days, we even ask for requests. But let me warn you, you may be surfing the net for the lyrics to songs from the past. Presenting the Gospel to those as hungry and eager to hear it as they always are is not only an honor, but fun and exciting as well. We used to wonder who received the bigger blessing, us or them, but I will speak for the church and say us. Either way, to God be the Glory!
Next month is Easter and we have been as busy as beavers preparing for the Celebration. Starting out the month with Palm Sunday falling on April 1st. Then.......EASTER Service! We look forward to having any and every one that doesn't have a home church, or who may be in town for the holiday away from there church family. I have designed a new logo for our church and Sis Kelly has set u a nice gift to all who attend the Easter morning service. Keep reading and keep praying for us. We look forward to growing and becoming the communities most influential church..... not for our glory, but for God's and His Kingdom.
God Bless
Pastor Jeff

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